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Stay informed with our oral health tips & fun facts about dentistry. We want to share our experience & expertise to help you make the best decision about your dental care & take better care of your teeth. Check back regularly to learn more about that art, science & everyday habits that contribute to a clean, beautiful smile.

Why Snacking Can Hurt Your Teeth

dentist will probably recommend snacking smarter. Many snack foods, and the way that you snack, can hurt your teeth by promoting tooth decay. Let’s go over why tooth decay happens. You eat something, and the bacteria in your mouth breaks down whatever you’re eating into sugars, then into acid waste, which damages your tooth enamel…

Why Does Your Dentist Recommend a Bone Graft?

dentist recommend this treatment?

How Useful Are Floss Holders?

dental hygiene. But it can also be pretty hard to do, especially reaching the teeth in the back! Fortunately, there are helpful tools called “floss holders” that do almost exactly what you would expect. Your dentist may even recommend one to you if you have difficulty with flossing.

What Teeth Can Tell You: Dental Forensics and Anthropology

dentist does, but did you know there are dental specialists who work primarily outside the medical field? Forensic and anthropological dentists may not be traditional tooth doctors, but their work is still heavily related to and reliant on teeth.

Nervous Parent, Nervous Kid?

dentist & oral health will quickly be absorbed by your children & experts agree that introducing children early & often to the dentist office is a big help. A visit to the dentist is only as scary as you make it.

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