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Stay informed with our oral health tips & fun facts about dentistry. We want to share our experience & expertise to help you make the best decision about your dental care & take better care of your teeth. Check back regularly to learn more about that art, science & everyday habits that contribute to a clean, beautiful smile.

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How Often Do You Need to See a Dentist?

Some say once a year, some say twice a year. The real answer to how many dentist appointments you need is not what you might expect!

What Goes Into Your Dentist's Degree and License?

dental license. But that’s a good thing, because that extended education is how you know you can trust your dentist to help you keep a healthy smile.

Acid Reflux? Your Dentist May Know it Before You Do

Unfortunately, if the damaging stomach acid travels too far too frequently, it can cause erosion of enamel on molars or on the backside of the teeth. While saliva is a natural defense against acids, acid reflux occurring at night when less saliva is produced can be especially damaging. Heartburn is the most obvious symptom of...

Children Should Develop Good Dental Care Habits Early. Here's Why.

dental hygiene in your children for the same reasons you value it in yourself. Regularly brushing and flossing keeps your mouth clean and helps prevent tooth decay. Eating well likewise helps keep your teeth healthy, and regular visits to the dentist ensure you and your child will be on top of any issues that crop…

Not Just the Tooth Fairy: Dental Traditions for Kids

dental myth has quickly grown into a cultural phenomenon in many countries and is likely rooted in older folk tales and beliefs about children’s teeth. It is particularly popular in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Denmark.

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