Yes, Custom Mouthguards Really Are Better

Girl Boxer With Braces Holding Mouthguard

There are two major types of mouthguards: nightguards and sportsguards. Both come in over-the-counter and custom dentist-prescribed versions. Here’s why the latter is a better choice! First, the basics. A nightguard is a mouthguard that is worn at night while sleeping by patients who clench and grind their teeth, a condition called bruxism. Repeated stresses of bruxism can eventually cause cracked and damaged teeth. Wearing a nightguard prevents this damage. A sportsguard is a mouthguard that is worn during sports to protect the mouth and face from injuries from impacts or accidents. By the way, mouthguards aren’t just for contact sports. We recommend them to athletes of all ages, from gymnasts to mountain bikers. Store-bought, over-the-counter mouthguards are attractive because they are more affordable and quick to get. However, this convenience and affordability does come with some downsides. Stock mouthguards that are pre-formed into an arch shape come in limited sizes, so it can be tricky to get a good fit. Boil-and-bite mouthguards that can be heat-molded to your teeth are more comfortable, but they are also thinner and less durable. They wear down faster and will need to be replaced fairly soon. By contrast, custom mouthguards from the dentist are more precise and therefore more comfortable. To create a mouthguard, we’ll first take an impression of your mouth and make a mold of it. From the mold we make a ceramic model of your teeth that a mouthguard is formed over, using high-tech durable plastic. The exact material depends on whether it is a sportsguard or a mouthguard. Sportsguards can usually be made in custom colors so you can pick your favorite or show your team spirit. Because they are so precisely fitted, custom mouthguards from the dentist are much more comfortable. We find that patients who have a comfortable mouthguard are much more likely to wear it! And wearing a mouthguard is key to avoiding an emergency dentist visit! ]]>

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